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Drake Surprise Drops ‘Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin’ Music Video From Her Loss LP F/ Central Cee

Champagne Papi’s fans aren’t unfamiliar with the Toronto-born Hip-Hop superstar’s sudden plans on releasing music. While Drake & 21 Savage’s debut collaborative effort ‘Her Loss’ rose to become one of the most influential records in modern rap music, Papi and ‘the Slaughter King’ did so through a slew of surprise drops, interviews and even a surprise announcement at the end of the ‘Jimmy Cooks’ music video from ‘Honestly, Nevermind’.

Drake has just released the latest music video from ‘Her Loss’. Titled ‘Jumbotron Shit Popping’ – the thirteenth rap record on the iconic LP – the visuals are directed by the legendary Hip-Hop filmmaker Tristan C-M and captures the “72 Hours” in the two artists lives.

Produced by Noah “40” Shebib, Oogie Man, F1LTHY, CuBeatz and more, ‘Jumbotron Shit Popping’ is, as per many, one of the most slept on track on ‘Her Loss’. Perhaps, the avant-garde visuals arrve just in time to clear off any air around the top-selling LP. Notably, the visuals feature an appearance from South London’s young emcee Central Cee as well.

“Thick Moroccan b****, this my fav’, I’ma go on and beat it
Lookin’ in the mirror, kiss my face, I’m too conceited
Send a girl home, call another, dawg, I’m too slime
She ain’t wanna eat it on her first day, it’s haram
I don’t f*** with drugs, poppin’ X for the first time
That s*** kicked in, like a two-time world champ
Booted up, that s*** hit up and down, like a skate-ramp
She vapin’ in my room, that s*** lit up like a glow-lamp
Who want smoke? Okay, cool, let’s they whole camp
Big shit popper, we the ones to get your shirt damp
N***** try to take a n**** spot, now it’s too cramped
Up, 8AM, geekin’ hard, I’m a real vamp,”
Drake raps on the record.

Watch ‘Jumbotron Shit Popping’ music video by Drake & 21 Savage here.