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BREAKING: Karan Aujla Teases Two New Singles ‘On Top’ & ‘WYTB’

One of the biggest voices in Punjabi hip-hop Karan Aujla has announced two new tracks. Titled ‘On Top and ‘WYTB’ or ‘What You Talkin ‘Bout’, the records will be “out soon”, Aujla wrote on his Instagram.

Aujla, who performed at the iconic Wembley arena last month, released a 20-second snippet during which the ‘Gangsta’ rapper was seen flexing his ghetto attitude. While Aujla hasn’t revealed much details about the upcoming releases, a closer look at his IG points out that the singles will be produced by his long-time collaborator Yeah Proof. The visuals are directed by Qarn Mallhi. Check out the snippet below.

As per many, Aujla is the finest lyricist and emcee of all time in the Punjabi hip-hop scene. Revered for his music, the artist stands next to some of the biggest icons in Punjabi music including the late Sidhu Moosewala and Diljit Dosanjh. Listen to Aujla’s leading records here if you haven’t yet.

‘YKWIM’ by Karan Aujla f/ Kr$na

‘Gangsta’ by Karan Aujla f/ YG

‘Game Over’ by Karan Aujla