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Breaking: Paradox Announces New EP With Def Jam India, Drops Teaser

Indian Hip-Hop superstar and MTV Hustle’s top contender Paradox is gearing up for new music. Earlier this week, the Najafgarh, Delhi-born emcee confirmed on social media that new music is in the works and will be released later this year. The ‘BT Ho Gayi’ rapper has just released an exclusive teaser and previewed his upcoming record. Titled ‘The Unknown Letter’, the lead single will drop on March 15th 2023 through Def Jam Recordings India.

Notably, Hip-Hop listeners across India have been anticipating new music from Paradox for a long time. While to many, Paradox – real name Tanishq Singh – rose to prominence after his hard-hitting live performances at MTV Hustle, the young emcee made an enormous impact on Indian Hip-Hop way before that as well.

Check out ‘The Unknown Letter’ EP intro here.

Paradox’s lyrical prowess and provocative storytelling are evident across his far-reaching discography. The rapper debuted with ‘Bhai Hai High’ and gradually went from being an underground emcee to one of India’s leading rap stars at the mere age of 20.

Since then, Paradox has released the therapeutic ‘Overthink’ LP and a slew of top-selling rap records including ‘Shor Sharaba’ alongside Ravator, ‘Glitch’, ‘Koshish’ and more.

Listen to Paradox’s debut ‘Overthink’ LP and his top-selling records here if you haven’t yet.

Check out Paradox’s biggest performances at MTV Hustle 2.0 here via YouTube.