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Breaking: Seedhe Maut Confirms New Album

Picture: Yashovardhan Singh

Indian Rap’s iconic Hip-Hop act Seedhe Maut has confirmed that a new LP is in the works. The news arrives within days after the ferocious emcees were seen recording music with Karan Kanchan.

Earlier today, Calm took to IG to seemingly confirm a new rap record. As per the Delhi-bred rapper, the new album was in the works even before their most recent LP ‘Nayaab’ was released alongside a Sez On The Beat-led production.

Check out the IG post below.

Last year, the leading Hip-Hop act from Delhi Seedhe Maut dropped their third LP ‘Nayaab’. Released on May 27th 2022, the album includes some of Seedhe Maut’s most influential records including ‘Toh Kya’, ‘Anaadi’, ‘Maina’, ‘Gandi Aulaad’ and ‘Rajdhani’and serves as the follow-up to ‘Na’ LP. The provocative rap record is produced by Sez on the Beat.

Look out for Seedhe Maut’s fourth LP this year.

Since you’re here, listen to Seedhe Maut’s recent album ‘Nayaab’ via Spotify if you haven’t yet.