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Breaking: Seedhe Maut’s Mixtape Might Be Followed By A Rap Studio Album, Encore ABJ Confirms

Picture: Anurag Sharma

Amidst releasing consistent singles, Seedhe Maut seemingly has big plans this year. The iconic Hip-Hop supergroup from Delhi, which released their latest single “Hausla” last week, will reportedly release a full-length album after their long-awaited mixtape.

Earlier today, Encore ABJ, who forms one-half of Delhi’s Seedhe Maut alongside Calm, asserted that a full-length LP is in the works and might release after the mixtape. Further, ABJ revealed that the highly anticipated mixtape would allow the young rappers to “test” and assess how far they could go with the LP.

Besides making the unprecedented announcement, ABJ provided some crucial insights into Seedhe Maut’s third full-length album “Nayaab”. As per ABJ, the project was originally a trilogy and a far-reaching project which involved “absolute character developments, screenwriting and numerous sitdowns with Hip-Hop filmmakers” ahead of the LP.

The announcement has stirred unprecedented conversations in Indian rap music. Seedhe Maut has been consistently dropping hard-hitting rap records this year and its listeners have been anticipating full-length efforts for a long time. Besides “Hausla”, Seedhe Maut linked up with DJ Sa on “Taakat”. The rappers dropped ’11K’ or ’11 Hazaar’ before that in February.

Whether the three new records will feature on the mixtape or the reported fourth LP remains to be seen. More on this story as it unfolds.

Listen to Seedhe Maut’s latest single ‘Hausla’ here if you haven’t yet.

Stream Seedhe Maut’s latest hard-hitting rap records here via Spotify.