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Breaking: Sikander Kahlon Releases New Album f/ Wazir Patar & More

Sikander Kahlon has released his highly anticipated nine-track effort ‘Storm Shadow’. Featuring guest appearances from the iconic Wazir Patar, Straight bank, G Deep, Kneil, Sky 38, J. Hind, Kaka Sandy and Neem the Great, the latest album is a hard-hitting banger that showcases the Mohali-based veteran at his best endeavor yet.

As per reports, the mixtape is produced by Harm Sandhu, Joshua Kandy, Noos, Stanley Christ, Dope 187, Sound Shikari and Wazir Patar – the leading producer behind Sidhu Moosewala’s ‘The Last Ride’, ‘Malwa Block’ and ‘GOAT’.

Kahlon has solidified his position as being one of the most consistent Hip-hop artists in the Indian rap scene. Notably, ‘Storm Shadow’ is his 21st full-length project and clocks in at just over thirty-two minutes. Kahlon had released his first LP in 2010. Titled ‘Sikander The Sovereign’, the fifteen-track project included Indian Hip-hop’s earliest independent hits such as ‘Kaala Kurta’, ‘I Got the Money Money’ and more.

Listen to ‘Storm Shadow’ by Sikander Kahlon f/ Wazir Patar, Straight Bank & More below on Spotify.