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BREAKING: Yashraj Slated to Release ‘Bura/Bhala’ This Friday

Mumbai-based Yashraj has finally revealed every detail about his upcoming release. After teasing the record throughout the week, the ‘Takiya Kalaam’ emcee has announced that the latest single will be titled ‘Bura/Bhala’ and is slated to release on November 18th 2022.

Earlier, Yashraj had confirmed that the record will be produced by his longtime collaborator Akash Shravan – the leading record producer behind ‘Doob Raha’, ‘MEHFIl CYPHER’ f/ Yungsta, MC Kode, Enkore and Yashraj himself, ‘Musafir’ and numerous other tracks.

“Bura / Bhala
18th November – Audio Drops Midnight tomorrow.
Izzat daalo mere naam pe.” Yashraj wrote on his Instagram account.

Check out ‘Bura/Bhala’ artwork below.

Listen to Yashraj’s sophomore EP ‘Takiya Kalam’ below if you haven’t yet.