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Central Cee Drops ‘Let Go’ Music Video

The young London-based emcee and lyricist Central Cee – real name Oakley Neil H T Caesar-Su – has finally released his latest single. Titled ‘let Go’, the Nastylgia-produced single serves as the follow-up to Cee’s recent collaborative effort with FKA Twigs on ‘Measure of a Man” for The King’s Men Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Interestingly, ‘Let Go’ is a playful drill-inspired rendition of ‘Let Her Go’ by the iconic English Pop band Passengers.

“Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low / Only hate the road when you’re missin’ home / Only know you love her when you let her go,” Cee sings in a playful impression of Michael David Rosenberg before embarking upon his raw rapping style. “You said that p**** mine, so why’d you let it go? / You’re such a h**,” Cee continues.

Watch the visuals for ‘Let Go’ by Central Cee below.

Read Central Cee’s opening verse here.

“I loved you until you try to get in my head
And that’s why I lost respect
You’re doin’ the most to get my attention, baby, I’m not impressed, uh
I changed my bedsheets, but I still smell your flesh
I don’t know how we got in this mess
I rarely get this in depth
This girl made me question love
This girl made me feel like less of a man ’cause I’m feelin’ depressed and stuff
Can’t believe I was willing to drop everyone and invest in us
The last time that we f**** was f****, the way you got up, got dressed and cut
Look, I thought that we could have been
Maybe, I was too optimistic
Tell me what you need, I’ll provide everythin’
Baby, you don’t know what you’re missin’
Our chemistry f***** quantum psychics, psychics
Feelin’ your energy, feelin’ your spirit
If this is the end, I need one more visit
They’re showin’ me love but I still feel empty I need somethin’ a lot more fulfillin’, uh
Move out of London town then move to a rural village
She made me delete that pic off my phone
But I close my eyes, still see that image
Won’t chase it, my heart ain’t in it, it’s finished
Too far gone can’t fix it, missed it, damage is done”.

Stream ‘Let Go’ by Central Cee here if you haven’t yet.