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Divine Previews New Track ‘Chorni’ with Sidhu Moose Wala At Lollapalooza India

Gully Gang bossman and Indian rap royalty Divine performed a hard-hitting set at Lollapalooza’s debut in Asia. Teaming up with Gully Gang heavyweights JD and Karan Kanchan, Divine performed some of the most influential rap records in the Indian Hip-Hop scene including ‘Kaam 25’, ‘Kohinoor’ and his recently released third LP ‘Gunehgar’.

While Divine isn’t unfamiliar with bringing out rage at massive live sets across India, the ‘Punya Paap’ emcee shifted gears and finally previewed the thirteenth rap record on ‘Gunehgar’. As reported by Culture Haze earlier in its report, the thirteenth track on the album features the late Punjabi Hip-Hop superstar Sidhu Moose Wala. The rap record is titled ‘Chorni’ and is slated to appear on ‘Gunehgar’ Deluxe.

Check out the preview here.

Divine and Moose Wala were close. in May 2021, Divine and Sidhu Moosewala had exchanged heavy bars on The Kidd-produced ‘Moosedrilla’ – the sixth track on the late emcee’s star-studded sophomore album ‘Moosetape’ which featured guest appearances by UK’s Tion Wayne, Blackboi Twitch, Sikander Kahlon, Stefflon Don, Bohemia and more.

Look out for Divine & Sidhu Moosewala’s upcoming track ‘Chorni’.

Since you’re here, listen to ‘Moosedrilla’ by Sidhu Moose wala feat. Divine here via Spotify.