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Fotty Seven to Perform in Dubai This Week, Teases Two New Tracks

Following Fotty Seven’s massive live set on December 17th 2022 in New Delhi, the young ‘You Know The Drill’ emcee is slated to perform in Dubai this week. The performance comes just a week after Fotty’s first performance as part of ‘The Beginning Tour’ in the capital.

Fotty Seven’s music has stood out and cuts across Hip-Hop listeners in India. The critically acclaimed emcee and lyricist rose to prominence after releasing numerous hard-hitting bangers, including ‘Boht Tej’ f/ Badshah, ‘Kya Haal Hai Bro?’, ‘Tu Hai Kaun?’ f/ Raga, ‘Abey Yaar’ f/ Bali and more, in the Indian Hip-Hop scene. With a distinct voice and a groovy pen game, the young emcee is renowned for his catchy hooks and incredible sounds.

Look out for Fotty Seven in Dubai this December 23rd 2022.

Further, Fotty Seven has teased new tracks. Earlier this month, Fotty uploaded an Instagram picture wondering whether “he should drop two more tracks”. The ‘Boht Tej’ reiterated the announcement on his IG story once again earlier today. Details about the records and their release dates are yet to be announced. However, Fotty’s reiteration has set massive waves across Indian Hip-Hop and fans are pushing for new releases by the groovy Delhi-NCR-based emcee.

Since you’re here, listen to Fotty Seven’s leading tracks here if you haven’t yet.