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From Karan Aujla To Wazir Patar To Sultaan, Here Are All The Punjabi Music Artists To Have On Your Style Radar

They may be giving us some sick tunes to groove to, but they also give us some eye-catching fashion looks to turn to. Whether it’s an all-sequinned pant suit or a denim coord set or a goth-inspired look, these are some of the most fashion-forward Punjabi music producers to have on your style list in no particular order…

  1. Karan Aujla for his cutting-edge looks

2. Diljit Dosanjh for his versatility

3. Talwiinder for his goth-centric appeal

4. Wazir for his ‘oh-so-cool’ monochrome looks

5. Sultaan for his effortlessly-cool dressed down looks

6. AP Dhillon for his experimental style

7. Raf Saperra for his ‘too cool for school’ vibe

8. Shubh for his laid-back cool dressing

9. Jaz Dhami for his modern minimalist style

The next time you are looking for a little style inspiration, turn to these stylish Punjabi emcees and take notes…