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Gravity Announces ‘Supervillain’ Tracklist F/ Raga, Muhfaad & Harjas, Album Drops May 25

Indian Hip-Hop emcee Gravity has revealed the exclusive tracklist of his highly anticipated debut full-length album “Supervillain”. After previewing his debut album through various hard-hitting records since last year, the young rapper, has finally announced that his studio album will have 10 Outfly-produced records and feature guest verses by Muhfaad, Raga and Harjas.

Check out the exclusive “Supervillain” tracklist here if you haven’t yet.

Besides releasing the album tracklist and artwork, ‘Grav’ has confirmed that his debut album arrives on May 25. In April this year, Gravity confirmed that he was gearing up for the album’s official release amidst mastering by Outfly.

In an exclusive conversation with our publication, Gravity talked at length about his album. “So, initially when we started out, I actually didn’t know what we were gonna do or how to execute the vision that we executed. I always knew how I was gonna end it and how, perhaps begin it; however, I was putting together the bridges to that ending. Since day one, I wanted to model this album after the movies,” Grav said at the time.

“This album has a gradual and insane buildups and then, it all comes crashing down in the end. So yeah, this album has a similar plot where for the first 8 to 10 tracks, you just consume whatever is happening and then, it blows everything away,” the rapper said further.

Look out for Gravity’s debut full-length LP ‘Supervillain’ on May 25.

Listen to Gravity’s debut EP ‘Prashna Chinha’ here if you haven’t yet.