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Gully Gang Pulls Up on Karan Kanchan’s Birthday

Photo: IG/Karan Kanchan

Karan Kanchan has established his place as one of the finest hip-hop producers in the Indian scene. The Mumbai-based producer just turned 25! While he has delivered some of the biggest bangers in the scene, he has left a lasting impact on the trap culture and electronic music too with ‘Neckwreck’.

Some of the leading records produced by Karan Kanchan include ‘Jungle Mantra’ with Divine, Pusha T and Vince Staples, ‘Satya’ and ‘Mera Bhai’ on Divine’s second studio album ‘Punya Paap’.

Kanchan had produced one of the early records in Delhi-based Seedhe Maut’s career as well.

Karan Kanchan is Gully Gang’s home for stunning beats and hip-hop production. The whole gang pulled up at his birthday and gave Kanchan his flowers on social media and in person. Some of the appearances included MC Altaf, Hanumankind, DJ Proof, Shah Rule and D’Evil.

However, Divine didn’t have an appearance on Kanchan’s birthday and didn’t post on social media too. Perhaps, with the new album ‘Gunehgar’, the two long-time collaborators are keeping it low.