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Gully Gang’s Tsumyoki Drops Latest Single ‘Feel Okay’

Mumbai-based Tsumyoki has dropped his latest single ‘Feel Okay’. Released through Gully Gang & Mass Appeal India, the single is produced by Bharg Kale and Tsumyoki himself. The release also serves as the lead single to the artist’s upcoming studio album.

This isn’t the first time that Tsumyoki and Bharg have collaborated for a chill hip-hop track this year. The two joined forces for ‘Pink Blue’ released this April. Besides Bharg, the ubercool rapper released Karan Kanchan-produced ‘IDK’ in June. Tsumyoki is recognized in the Indian hip-hop scene for delivering powerful bars as well. Earlier this year, he released ‘Ek Do Ek’ featuring Delhi’s Rawal who is known for his aggressive flow. The energy was unmatched.

Check out Tsumyoki’s ‘Feel Okay’ visualizer below.

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