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Breaking: Gunna Drops His First Verse Since Release From Prison

Young Stoner Life’s iconic emcee, lyricist and record producer Gunna has released his first verse since he got out of prison. The ‘Pushin’ P’ rapper has linked up with West Berlin-born Turkish emcee Ufo361 – real name Ufuk Bayraktar – on ‘BRODIES’. The Cartez & OZ-produced single clocks in at just over two minutes and a half and serves as the lead single from Ufo361’s thirteenth studio album ‘Love my Life’.

Earlier this month, Ufo361 announced the hard-hitting single with Gunna and revealed the exclusive artwork. Check it out below.

“I’ve been countin’ bands with my brodies (Yeah)
My foreign b**** so bad, I pay cash for her Lotus (Cash)
Young Gunna, drip God, that’s on God, and they know this (On God)
Spit verse like a poet (Poet), factory-new Rolex (Factory)
S****** on all you haters (Yeah), my mama a ho if I say sorry (No)
Landed in Milan, hit Palm Angels, then go ‘Marni (Go ‘Marni)
Ufo hit my line, he at the penthouse at Bvlgari (P)
488 ‘Rari (Yeah), hundred racks a party (A hundred)
I’m stickin’ to my plan, ’bout that cash, I can’t bargain (No)
Oh, yeah, I’m a top artist (Yeah)
With a bag full of narcotics (With a bag)
Hear the horses when you start it (Skrrt, skrrt)
All my vehicles imported (‘Ported)
N****, better not cross the margin (No) Cross the border when we boarded (Boarded),” Gunna raps amidst the ongoing RICO trial against YSL.

Listen to ‘BRODIES’ by Ufo361 Feat. Gunna here.

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