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Hanumankind Drops Latest Single ‘Go To Sleep’

Bengaluru’s very own Hanumankind has returned with his latest single. Titled ‘GTS’ or ‘Go To Sleep’, the hard-hitting single clocks in at just short of three minutes and a half and is produced by Hanumankind’s longtime collaborator and one of the finest rap record producers Parimal Shais or ‘Bassdropping Alien’.

Hanumankind’s single serves as the follow-up to ‘Rush Hour’. Released as a Youtube exclusive last year, the single was produced by King Kalmi and set the stage for another banger which arrives now. Notably, ‘Go To Sleep’ marks the ‘Damnson‘ rapper’s debut with the iconic record label Def Jam Recordings India.

“If I had a dollar every time I was the underdog,

I’d be living on an island made of solid gold,

For all the times that I felt I wasn’t good enough,

I’d be balling out man like I own the world,

Sometimes nirvana do not feel like it can be achieved,

Mainly ‘cause I try and find it in a pretty girl,

Or in a bottle when I’m rolling up some sticky green,

Instant gratification vs the perfect world”, Hanumankind comes in hot on the latest single.

Listen to ‘Go To Sleep’ by Hanumankind (Prod. by Parimal Shais) here via Spotify.