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Hit-Boy Drops ‘2 Certified’ Music Video featuring Avelino

California-based emcee and record producer has teamed up with London’s rapper Avelino on a new single. Titled ‘2 Certified’, the record is released alongside THIRDEYERAZ-directed visuals and portrays the iconic record producer and the British emcee claiming the top spot in rap.

“Too certified, say that, watchin’ the numerals rise
Wrist and neck on a jewellery heist
‘Cause I had some game, I knew when to apply it
TNT with it, we finna ignite
Just show me the money and skip the advice
They ain’t wanna see a young n**** survive
The fact that I did was the biggest surprise
Back against the ropes (The ropes)
And I still ain’t fold (Ain’t fold)
High profile but the kid lay low
I’m prayin’ for the hood, n***** killin’ their bros (Their bros)
I’m lettin’ off this thing with the weaponry
Cuttin’ right into a ho if she lettin’ me
I dealt with envy and I dealt with jealousy
Play with your b****, don’t play with my legacy”
Hit-Boy raps on the second verse of the self-produced record.

Watch ‘2 Certified’ music video by Hit-Boy feat. Avelino here via YouTube.

Hit-Boy – real name Chauncey Alexander Hollis Jr. – is behind some of the most influential records including a four-LP collaborative effort with Nas and is known across the globe for leading an affecting production on N***** In Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West, Racks In The Middle by Nipsey Hussle & Roddy Ricch, Clique by G.O.O.D Music labelmates Jay-Z, Kanye West & Bug Sean and more. Most recently, Hut-Boy produced the opening track of Divine’s third LP Gunehgar.

Listen to ‘2 Certified’ by Hit-Boy & Avelino below via Spotify.