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Ikka Drips Out In Vans X Thrasher Sk8 Sneaker

Earlier today, Ikka was spotted donning the Vans X Thrasher Magazine Sk8 Flames Sneakers. The iconic sneaker was released on July 29th, 2017 and remains to be one of the finest collaborative efforts among sneakerheads.

Sk8 Sneaker
Ikka sporting the Vans x Thrasher Sk8 ‘FLAMES’

The silhouette comes with sturdy 10 Oz Hi-top Canvas Uppers and has an “allover Thrasher flame logo”. Sporting Thrasher magazine’s signature Flames logo across the shoe’s sideways, the sneaker celebrates the classic skateboarding culture repped by the two companies. Notably, Ikka’s shoe – in the black colorway – has become eponymous with the ‘Off The Wall’ fashion statement by Vans.

“Published monthly in San Francisco, CA since January 1981, Thrasher is the longest-running, best-selling skateboard magazine of all time—its name synonymous with both skate boarding’s roots and constant evolution. With a staff dedicated to defining this evolution and the adventurous spirit of their readership, Thrasher has continued to grow beyond the page. Today, it’s bigger and better than ever. 

Teaming up with Vans for a new exclusive collection that celebrates both brands’ storied histories, the Vans x Thrasher Sk8-Hi showcases Thrasher’s iconic flame logo on our legendary high-top silhouette. Made with 10 oz canvas uppers, this sidestripe shoe celebrates two of the most iconic names in skateboarding with classic “Off The Wall” style.” the description says on Vans’ website.