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Ikka Drops Unreleased Single ‘Om’ on Instagram

While rappers and artists across the globe release snippets, teasers and other details about their new music on social media, it’s a rarity to drop a new track altogether on such platforms. However, Ikka has seemingly done exactly that.

While the track is unmastered and unfinished, the fact that it clocks in at 2 minutes provides a major dive into the single. Notably, the posted video suggests that the track is called ‘Om’.

Earlier today, the rapper behind this year’s hard-hitting bangers such as ‘Trap Munde’ and ‘Sanki’ dropped a two-minute audio on his Instagram profile. Captioned ‘Zen’, the veteran emcee gives out life lessons and hums a holy chant that feels like surreal meditation on the track.

Ikka has also hinted through his comments that the song will be released on YouTube and Spotify as well. Further, the song will feature another guest appearance too.

Earlier this year, Ikka had released his sophomore studio album ‘Nishu’. Through the star-studded ten-track album, the rapper opened up about what he thinks about Indian hip-hop and gave his shout-outs to Dehradun’s rap scene, Naezy, J-Trix, Kidshot, Smoke The Rapper, Muhfaad, Bella, Raga, Rebel 7, Karma, Prabhdeep and Brodha V on the album.

This Friday, Ikka performed some of his finest hip-hop records in Mumbai. Check out the visuals below: