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Exclusive Interview: MC Stan On His New ‘Experimental’ Album With Huge Features From Bollywood & Lil Baby Collaboration

Photo: MC Stan

Indian Hip-Hop superstar MC Stan, born Altaf Shaikh, is gearing up for perhaps the biggest Indian Hip-Hop record this year. The forthcoming studio album, which will be Stan’s first since his massive mumble rap LP “Insaan” released in February 2022, is slated to release later this year.

Ahead of the “deeply experimental” album, MC Stan spoke to us briefly about his rap record, his debut NH7 Weekender Live Set and a probable collaboration with Atlanta rap mogul Lil Baby.

Read our breakthrough conversation with MC Stan below.

Stan, this is your first massive headlining live set after a long while. In between that time, you’ve turned into a Hip-Hop superstar. You were underground yet very famous. How do you feel after performing in Pune?

I’m feeling good, brother. It’s my hometown… so obviously. I’ve been pulling up at Koregaon Park for the past two days without telling anyone. Nobody knows about it. These are my childhood memories… visiting all these places, you know. I went everywhere… to the train stations and everywhere else. I’m enjoying my time here. And since you asked me about NH7… I’ve performed here for the first time ever. So, certainly, it’s huge for me.

The rollout of your last album “Insaan” is officially over. Now, it’s time for the next one. Can you please talk to us about your next album?

The album is arriving soon! It’s on the way. I would only say that I’ve done deep experiments on the album. It’s a matter of listening to it just once. Listen to the album once and then decide what do you want to do with it. My most ardent fans will anyway listen to the album, you know what I’m saying, my time baby.

There are deep experiments on my album and I’ve gathered various people from the industry… actors and celebrities. It’s not just rap but various other disruptive things. Be aware… the album is on the way.

It’s the 29th birthday of one of your favourite rappers Lil Baby. You even wished him. Can we expect a collaboration with him?

With Lil Baby? Inshallah, brother. Inshallah. For sure.

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Watch our exclusive interview with Indian Hip-Hop superstar MC Stan via YouTube below.