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Jack Harlow Premiers ‘They Don’t Love It’ Music Video From The ‘Jackman’ LP

Within days after returning with his third studio album, Jack Harlow has premiered the first set of visuals from “Jackman”. The affecting record, which arrives with no features but a star-studded record production, has risen to become one of the biggest rap records this year by Harlow.

Earlier today, the young emcee premiered the music video for “They Don’t Like It”. Serving as track two on Harlow’s latest album, the record is produced by Hollywood Cole and portrays Harlow’s reservations about being underrated in rap music despite releasing some of the finest rap records of our times.

“I been smooth for so long, I’m tryna get rough
F*** buffin’ my nails, dawg, I’m tryna get buff
F*** shapin’ my beard up, I’m likin’ the scruff
And f*** the hills ’cause I’m livin’ my life in the cut
Can’t imagine that I’m gon’ meet my wife in the club
We gon’ see though, I feel like she more of a CEO
Or maybe she doin’ volunteer work in Rio
It’s not like I need her but I would love to meet her
Another day, another dollar, another phone with another feature,” Harlow raps on the Cole-produced record.

Notably, the visuals arrive amidst Harlow’s highly anticipated Hollywood debut. The emcee, who rose to prominence with JetsonMade-produced “Whats Poppin” single, is slated to appear in the White Men Can’t Jump motion picture. The film, which is reportedly a remake of the 1992 original film starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, is slated to release on May 19th 2023.

Watch the Eliel Ford-directed visuals for ‘They Don’t Love It’ here.

Listen to Jack Harlow’s latest album ‘Jackman’ here if you haven’t yet.