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Kanye West Hints at His Next Project ‘Yecosystem’

The iconic Kanye West, who suffered harrassment over frustrating business practices by Adidas, seems unstoppable.

In his latest move which captures the legendary artist and fashion mogul’s vision, West has hinted at constructing ‘mini-cities’ called the ‘Yecosystem’. The project, which has been under design for years, will be a ‘self-sustained’ enterprise consisting of “its own branded homes, retail stores that sell Yecosystem-branded food items and beverages” Rolling Stones wrote earlier in its report. The report further speculated that West plans on beginning the rollout as earlier as next month.

Ye had earlier registered a website domain for ‘Yecosystem’ and that could just be the name of his world-changing venture.

Earlier this year, West had announced his plans for Yeezy retail expansion. After Adidas had reportedly ‘stolen and raped’ Ye’s designs and violate contractual obligations, the rapper announced that he has plans for building Yeezy retail stores on his own. Atlanta’s rapper and leader of ‘Young Stoner Life’, populary known as YSL, Young Thug extended his by giving his 100 acres property in Georgia for the project. Thugger is currently in prison awaiting trial on the RICO charges.