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Karan Aujla Drops EP in February, Shares Artwork

Punjabi Hip-Hop’s global superstar Karan Aujla has confirmed his upcoming EP. Titled ‘Four You’, the four-track EP is slated to release in February and serves as the follow-up to Aujla’s influential rap record ‘Way Ahead’.

Earlier today, Aujla – who is often referred to as ‘Geetan Di Machine’ – took to Instagram to share the official artwork for the ‘Four You’ EP. Check it out below.

As per many, Aujla is the finest lyricist and emcee of all time in the Punjabi hip-hop scene. Revered for his music, the artist stands next to some of the biggest icons in Punjabi music including the late Sidhu Moosewala and Diljit Dosanjh.

Look out for Karan Aujla’s upcoming EP ‘Four Way’ in February this year.

Since you’re here, listen to Karan Aujla’s leading rap records below if you haven’t yet.