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Punjabi Rap Superstar Karan Aujla Releases Highly Anticipated Singles ‘On Top’ & ‘Wytb’

Punjabi Hip-Hop’s iconic emcee and lyricist Karan Aujla has released his highly anticipated records ‘On Top’ and ‘Wytb’ or ‘What You Talkin About?’. Produced by Yeah Proof, the records are released next to Qarn Mallhi-directed visuals. Notably, Wytb features Punjabi Popstar Gurlez Akhtar.

Watch the visuals for On Top and Wytb or ‘What you Talkin’s About?’ f/ Gurlez Akhtar here.

As per many, Aujla is the finest lyricist and emcee of all time in the Punjabi hip-hop scene. Revered for his music, the artist stands next to some of the biggest icons in Punjabi music including the late Sidhu Moosewala and Diljit Dosanjh. The preview arrived right after Aujla’s avant-garde performance at Wembley Stadium’s OVO Arena in London.

It’s a rarity for emcees to drop two singles alongside exclusive music videos in one single day. However, Aujla has reached an unmatched stature in the global Indian rap scene which allows the artist behind massive hits including Gangsta featuring Compton’s YG, Oouuu and Sheesha to drop at will.

Listen to ‘On Top’ and ‘Wytb’ or ‘What You Talkin’ About?’ featuring Gurlez Akhtar here via Spotify.