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King Enters Spotify Top 50 Global Chart, Breaks AP Dhillon’s Record

With ‘Maan Meri Jaan’, Delhi-bred emcee and lyricist King has entered Spotify’s Top 50 Global Chart by Spotify. Notably, this is the first non-film record to accomplish this feat. While AP Dhillon came close to breaking into the Top 50 Global with ‘Excuses’, he just fell short and peaked at the 52nd spot.

However, ‘Maan Meri Jaan’ – the fourth track on King’s latest album ‘Champagne Talk’ has entered the global chart at 50th position. The top 3 tracks on the list includes ‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith f/ Kim Petras, ‘Anti-Hero’ by Taylor Swift and ‘Rich Flex’ by Drake & 21 Savage.

“The only Indian non film song ever, to achieve the gigantic feat of breaking into Global top 50 Spotify charts. Would be a #MicDrop moment, if not for the fact that we are only getting started” Jay Mehta, Managing Director, Warner Music India wrote.

King took a lively jab at the iconic Punjabi superstar AP Dhillon after breaking his record.

“Did someone just break AP bro’s “Excuses” record which was peaked at 52# global charts ? Maan Meri Jaan is now at #50 in the global charts right now and #1 in India” the ‘Pablo’ emcee wrote in a tweet.

India’s global Hip-Hop superstar took note of the massive accomplishment of King. The ‘3 A.M. Sessions’ emcee pointed out that “people don’t get how huge of a deal this is.”

“There are dreams that we see with our eyes open. Dreams that we talk about passionately with like minded people. What @ifeelking has done is realized one of those dreams. People don’t get how huge of a deal this is. Breaking into Spotify Global Top 50. Respect the Hustle, because this part of the history is what you will read about generations later.” Badshah wrote.

Watch the visuals for ‘Maan Meri Jaan’ by King here via YouTube.

Stream the track below via Spotify if you haven’t yet.

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