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Kr$na & IKKA Headed Towards a Beef?

Kr$na dropped his latest single ‘I Guess’ earlier this week. On a drill-type beat, the iconic emcee and lyricist was seen swerving on the streets of Dubai and dropping some top-notch bars. While he puffed his chest on the record and explained why he is the best in the business “I guess”, Kr$na took a surprising jab at Delhi’s veteran hip-hop emcee Ikka.

Earlier this year, Ikka had released his star-studded ten-track studio album titled ‘Nishu’. The album had guest appearances by Kalmkaar’s Raftaar, Raga, Seedhe Maut and more. On the eight-track of the album, ‘Lyrical Rapper Dead’, Ikka expressed his reservations with rappers who use ‘beefs’ and ‘unnecessary tactics’ to garner millions of views.

Perhaps, he was referring to Kr$na who has lately become one of the most fearful rappers in India to have a beef with. Just one excuse is enough for Kr$na to get on the mic and begin throwing punches at anyone who comes his way.

And that seems to be the case here too. In his latest single ‘I Guess’, Kr$na has seemingly accused Ikka of being hypocritical on the record.

“Achanak se bane yeh lyrical, kuch saal pehle commercial the yeh mic par,” Kr$na raps on the track. Referring to Ikka’s commercial releases at the beginning of his career and his recent releases, the Kalamkaar artist has hit Ikka where it hurts.

While Ikka didn’t take offense initially and addressed it mildly during an IG live, he has spoken up at length about the diss.

“We should also respect everyone’s hard work and hustle no matter it’s a commercial or an underground artist. I always give respect to all the artists no matter what. But if someone starts judging you without knowing you truly sounds fake to me. I have never asked for favours neither provided. I would never appreciate people commenting on my journey. I pay my bills and take care of my family on my own. At last, I would say commercial music also needs a lot of hard work and commitment” Ikka wrote in a statement.

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“Everyone who know me truly knows the truth and when someone pokes you unnecessarily looks pretty unethical. Respect for respect always.” He continued.