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Kr$na Opens Up About his Beef with Emiway, Reveals His Favourite Artists and More

Kalamkaar’s finest Kr$na took to Reddit last night to clear out some air around his on-going beef with Emiway Bantai. Answering questions through his sub-reddit, the ‘I guess’ rapper opened up about his heef with Emiway, Indian Hip-Hop and new music.

Responding to a fan’s question about Kr$na’s “lack of versatility”, the rapper commented on how Indian listeners do not appreciate the particular “lane” a rapper belongs to and is comfortable with. He further highlighted that he isn’t a “one stop shop for everything”.

“Indian hip hop fans tend to have the VERY DESI “aur variety dikhao” mentality. I’m good at this shit, it’s my lane. Just like Stan has his lane, Divine has his lane, Talha has his lane. The whole point of having multiple artists is that you can satisfy your palette by listening to different artists at different times to suite your mood. It’s the jack of all trades and master of none syndrome. I used to listen to Jadakiss and Lloyd banks for a particular reason and I can guarantee no one ever thought “shit, I wish they made some emotional VIBEY tracks as well.” Kr$na said.

The rapper further said that apart from his “crew” – referring to his hip-hop consortium Kalamkaar – Divine, Seedhe Maut, J Trix & Young Stunners are some of his “favourite” artists in the “DHH Scene”.

‘I Guess’ by Kr$na

The ‘I Guess’ emcee talked about that single and the subliminals at towards Bantai on the record.

“I Guess was my first track back after the beef so ofcourse it would have shit like that, people who say that make it out to be like I have been putting out songs with subs for the past 3 months. I haven’t.” Kr$na said.

“It’s just one song. I’m not the one still making diss songs.”