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Lil Tjay Drops New Single ‘Clutchin My Strap’

The Bronx, New York-based emcee Lil Tjay – real name Tione Jayden Merritt – has released his latest single. Titled ‘Clutchin My Strap’, the new rap record arrives just a day after he was arrested in New York with gun-related charges. Reportedly, the young emcee was on his way to an upcoming Ice Spice Music Video shoot.

Notably, ‘Clutchin My Strap’ is Lil Tjay’s first piece of music this year.

“For nothin’ I’ma bang, I just do that ’cause I want to
A hundred to your name, bet them shooters come and hunt you
We gon’ move smart, not gon’ sacrifice the front crew
P**** n****, I know you be wishin’ you could undo
What you did to mе, I took seven, he took three
But thеse flesh wounds better than a bullet to the ski
Allegedly, ’cause I don’t even really know what happened
I’m just rappin’, but I bet I’m ’bout that action
Four-five, leave a n**** slumped, like he tired
I know they gon’ leave you on the job, say you fired
Real street n**** from the start, just retired
Circle close, catch a body if you tryna get hired
Can’t trust n****, n**** police, they be wired
,” Tjay raps on a slick production.

Watch the ‘Clutchin My Strap’ music video by Lil Tjay here.