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MC Square Wins MTV Hustle 2.0

Abhishek Bainsla, popularly known as MC Square, has won this year’s MTV Hustle 2.0. After competing with the 19-year-old Delhi-based rapper Paradox, Mumbai-based Nazz and Gravity and Delhi-NCR’s Spectra for the top spot at the finale, Square emerged victorious and was bestowed with the recognition.

Square, 23, rose to prominence early into the season. His hard-hitting performance ‘Badmos Chora’ garnered him a solid following on social media and solidified his status as one of the best emcees to join the show.

‘Badmos Chora’ by MC Square at MTV Hustle 2.0

Square takes home the MTV Hustle 2.0 trophy, a cheque of ₹10 Lakhs and widespread recognition from the hip-hop community including listeners and record labels. Further, Tanishq Singh – A.k.a. Paradox – was announced as the first runner-up on the show followed by Nihar Hodawadeka or ‘Nazz’.

Notably, Ikka made a guest appearance at the final episode of MTV Hustle and joined Badshah and this year’s squad bosses – King, Dino James, EPR and Dee Mc – to conclude the show.

Check out MC Square’s hard-hitting performances at MTV Hustle 2.0 here if you haven’t yet.

‘101’ by MC Square at MTV Hustle 2.0

‘Ram Ram’ by MC Square at MTV Hustle 2.0

‘Naine Ki Talwar’ by MC Square at MTV Hustle 2.0

‘2 Woofer’ by MC Square at MTV Hustle 2.0