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MC Stan Drops New Music Video From ‘Insaan’

Indian Hip-Hop superstar MC Stan has released the third visual treatment from his sophomore LP ‘Insaan’. The latest visual treatment arrives just a day after the Astaghfirullah emcee announced that he is slated to drop the follow-up to the ‘Kal Hai Mera Show’ music video.

Watch the Gender music video here via YouTube.

‘Gender’ is the second track on MC Stan’s highly influential eleven-track effort ‘Insaan’ LP. The self-produced album elevated the Indian Hip-Hop sound at an unprecedented scale because of its abrupt experimental mumble rap and auto-tune-inspired sounds.

The album includes some of Stan’s massive hits including Basti Ka Hasti, Maa Baap feat. Ikka and How to Hate feat. Raftaar. Released on February 18th 2022, the album serves as the follow-up to Stan’s debut ‘Tadipaar’ LP.

Since you’re here, stream Insaan LP by MC Stan here if you haven’t yet.