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Nas & 21 Savage Team Up on New Single, Sheds off ‘Relevancy’ Comments

Following 21 Savage’s comments earlier this month which questioned the legendary Queens emcee Nas’ “relevancy” in rap, few would’ve anticipated a collaboration between the two. In fact, the London-born Atlanta-bred emcee drew massive flak for suggesting that Nas “just has a loyal fanbase and he still makes good-ass music”.

However, the rappers have now collaborated on the Hit-Boy-assisted ‘One Mic, One Gun’ for bridging a massive generational gap within Hip-Hop. 21 refers to Nas as ‘the Capo’ or the ‘Don’ and reveals the impact that the veteran had on his career.

My net worth like eight figures, I’m working on getting me nine, I ain’t going against no legend, n-gga, I’m trying to be next in line.” 21 raps.

“No back and forth, I did it back then, I do it right now (Woo)
I opened a lane for my era, I’m goated, they gave me the crown
G.O.A.T. with all the success, the negative press, I’m watchin’ it pile (Uh)
They sayin’ that black music dyin’, I’m sayin’, “They wipin’ us out”
But look at me now, damn, y’all, look at me now
Whatever I do is N.Y., I’m keepin’ it Queens ’cause that’s my side (What up?)
I shook up the town, I shook up the city, I shook up the state
I’m with 21 on my second run, this shit come with age” the legendary ‘Illmatic’ emcee raps on the first verse.

Listen to ‘One Mic, One Gun’ by Nas & 21 Savage here via Spotify.