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New Wazir Patar X Tarsem Jassar EP Releasing “Any Time”

Two of Punjab’s finest Wazir Patar & Tarsem Jassar are slated to release a collaborative effort. Earlier today, Patar was seen working on the upcoming EP at his Evuryday Records’ studio next to Tarsem Jassar. The ‘Keep It Gangsta’ lyricist, emcee and producer is one of the finest artists from Punjab’s hip-hop scene.

In an Instagram story, Jassar has announced that his EP featuring Wazir Patar will be “releasing anytime now”. The two artists have collaborated numerous times throughout their career as well. ‘Kingpin’, ‘Bulls Eye’ ‘Specific’ and ‘American Bull’ are few of the hard-hitting records that they’ve delivered together.

Tarsem Jassar
Wazir Patar on studio time with Tarsem Jassar (IG/Tarsem Jassar)

To have a hip-hop marquee of Patar’s stature has certainly raised anticipation for a classic hip-hop record. Patar has an inborn ability to produce old-school rap tunes and pit them next to solid ghetto lyricism. Earlier this year, Patar had released ‘Keep It Gangsta’ EP which featured timeless records including ‘Pind Da Riwaaz’, ‘One Way’ and ‘Tattoo’. The EP served as a pivotal moniker to Patar’s ability to deliver a deftly crafted studio record.

Have a look at Wazir Patar X Tarsem Jassar’s leading tracks here if you haven’t yet.

‘Kingpin’ by Tarsem Jassar & Wazir Patar

‘American Bull’ by Tarsem Jassar & Wazir Patar

‘Bulls Eye’ by Tarsem Jassar & Wazir Patar

Since you’re here, listen to Wazir Patar’s iconic ‘Pind Da Riwaaz’ & ‘Notorious’ here:

‘Pind Da Riwaaz’ by Wazir Patar

‘Notorious’ by Wazir Patar