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Octavian Returns With New Single, Drops Music Video

London-born French-British emcee and lyricist Octavian Oliver Lanoire, popularly known as Octavian has returned with a latest single ‘Make It Special Again’. Produced by Jootsu, the autotune-influenced UK Hip-Hop record is the first effort by the ‘Lotion Boy’ rapper this year. Clocking at just short of three minutes, the record is backed by thorough yet minimalist lyricism about Octavian’s troubled relationship and the rap game.

“She said “That’s such a good thing
Why you have to act like this?”
Just to feel, when you pulling
I’m not even trying to have [?]
The game [?] up again
We making it special again
We do it again and again
She said “This is our one chance
Why you gotta be so far?”
They not gonna f*** with our gang
He will not do that again
Hit him again and again
He will not get up again
He is not gonna f*** with the gang (Hey)”
Octavian raps over the record.

Watch the ‘Make It Special Again’ music video by Octavian here.

Since you’re here, listen to Octavian’s leading rap record via Spotify if you haven’t yet.