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Offset Leaves a Message for His City ‘Nawf’

Offset Leaves a message for his city Nawf

Few would have thought that a Hip-Hop group from Northern Atlanta will achieve global stardom and critical acclaim with their distinct ad-libs and hard-hitting auto-tune heavy productions. However, Migos – led by Quavious Keyate Marshall a.k.a. Quavo, the late Kirshnik Khari Ball a.k.a. Take-off & Kiari Kendrell Cephus a.k.a. Offset – went on to become one of the most influential figures of modern rap.

While their musical contribution to the culture in the form of several LPs including the Culture trilogy, Rich Shooters, Currency, No Label and more outlives their legacy, the group’s members have always given back to the community in Nawf – Migos’ influenced moniker for Lawrenceville, Atl, Georgia.

Offset recently took to Instagram to lay out his vision for his people and thanked God for “blessing” him “to be able to bless others”.

“I’m going to make sure that I do more for my community not just holidays or a one time thing I want to be able to change it . Thank God for blessing me to be able to bless others it’s not just gift it’s help to my side the NAWF be a better place.” Offset wrote.

After the release of ‘Versace’, there was no looking back for Migos as they headed towards becoming one of the top-selling entertainers in Hip-Hop. “Rain Drop, Drop Top” raps Offset on Migos’ worldwide hit ‘Bad n Boujee’ with Lil Uzi Vert. The phrase has almost become eponymous with Offset’s everlasting legacy and elevated Migos to a stature that only a handful of Hip-Hop acts manage to achieve.

As part of Migos, Offset is behind massive rap records including ‘Bad n Boujee’ featuring Philadelphia’s Lil Uzi Vert, ‘Walk It Like I Talk It’ featuring Hip-Hop superstar Drake, ‘Kelly Price’ featuring Houston’s iconic Travis Scott, ‘Motorsport’ featuring Nicki Minaj & Cardi B and more. Migos’ Culture LP trilogy has been considered as one of the biggest records in rap across the globe.

Most recently, Offset headlined the NH7 Weekender in India alongside Indian rap superstars including Divine, Raftaar & Wazir Patar for an exclusive set. Other emcees to join the hitmakers include Mumbai-based Yashraj, Gully Gang’s MC Altaf, DJ Proof, D’Evil and Tsumyoki, Kalamkaar’s bossman Raftaar and his label mate Kr$na, OG Shez, Troyboi, DJ Andre & DJ Panic and DJ Sa.

Migos showered love for ‘Nawf’ on Top Down on Da Nawf.

“For the reason I can’t cry cry
For some reason I am not tired
For the gang I gotta bring it home
For my grandma watching in the sky (Grandma)
You probably can’t tell me nothin
You probably gonna see me stunt
You probably wanna see me run
You probably wanna see me run on them
But I let my top down of on da nawf (yea yea)
Believe in what i did and what i saw (yea yea)
Stand on my word by law (yea yea)
Mama praying on the devil shake em off (yea yea)
Boulders on my shoulder weights on me
I will never fold up when it’s on me
Stash a whole mil’ in the backseat
Just to move them thangs down the backstreet
” Migos rap on the record.

Listen to the track here via Spotify.