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Prabh Deep Teases New Music ‘Bhram’

Following the release of ‘Tabia’ last year and ‘Dosh’ on May 6th, 2022, Prabh Deep has announced that new music is on the way. In fact, the Delhi-based lyricist and emcee had teased new project earlier this month too.

‘Tabia’ solidified Prabh’s place as one of the very few creative geniuses in the Indian hip-hop scene. With an experimental sound mired by funk psychedelia and his signature vocal delivery, Prabh truly showcased his hold over the music with the 15-track record.

Prabh had a massive breakthrough in Delhi’s hip-hop scene after 2017’s ‘Class – Sikh’ and the single-led follow up to the debut album titled ‘Class-Sikh Maut, Vol. II’ featuring Seedhe Maut. It was produced by Sez on the Beat.

While new details about Prabh’s new music arrive, listen to Prabh Deep’s ‘Tabia’ here: