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Prabhdeep’s Next Project is an Album?

Keeping a tab on Prabhdeep’s social media will give you a clue that the Delhi-based emcee is about to drop another full-length album. Prabh’s music cuts across genres and he has the extraordinary ability to put top-notch bars right next to jazz funk, techno, trap and alternative.

However, Prabh’s experimemtation always centres around one thing – hip-hop.

Prabh takes his time beforehand releasing a full-length project. After his debut studio album ‘Class-Sikh’ in 2017, it took him four years to release his another full-length project. However, fans weren’t disappointed at all since Prabh had elevated his status as an artist on the record and it showed. ‘Tabia’ – the second full-length studio album by Prabhdeep was released in March, 2021. The fifteen track album was layered with so many different themes and meanings, the record established Prabh as one of the best underground emcees who must be on top.

While the exact release date is yet to be announced, fans have been speculating that another full-length project is on the way. Titled ‘Bhram’, Prabh has been revealing small details about the album with photographs.

“Take off your coat, winters gonna be hot. ‘BHRAM SEASON” his most recent post reads. More details about the project are awaited.