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Prabhdeep’s Visuals for ‘Izzat’ Releasing this Week

Photo: Prathiksha Shetty

Azadi Record’s Prabhdeep is slated to release his next music video from his latest album Bhram. Premiering on November 25th 2022, the new visuals will serve as the follow-up to ‘Rishte’ – the third record on the eight-track album – and the second music video from the project yet.

Notably, ‘Wapas’ – which was the first visual leading to the album – was not included in the final record upon its release.

Penned down by Mark Smith and Prabh himself, ‘Izzat’ is one of the most introspective and self-assuring tracks on the record. The single was released on November 5th 2022 as part of the full-length project.

The West Delhi-based emcee is behind some of the finest alternative hip-hop records including ‘Tabia’ and ‘Class-Sikh’ – two full-length LPs built from scratch by him.

The latest studio album is Prabhdeep’s third effort which projects his artistic vulnerability and genre-fluid tendencies at an unprecedented scale. Between ‘Tabia’ – the record which preceded ‘Bhram’ – and the latest album, Prabh had released ‘Dosh’.

Watch the visuals for ‘Wapas’ and ‘Rishte’ from Bhram below if you haven’t yet.

Since you’re here, listen to ‘Izzat’ below on Spotify.