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Rakht Drops ‘Goddystyle’ Mixtape Tracklist f/ Raga & Harjas Harjaayi

One of Delhi’s leading voices in underground Indian hip-hop has finally revealed the tracklist for his upcoming ‘Goddystyle’ mixtape. Spanning eleven tracks in total, Rakht’s sophomore mixtape features guest appearances by Delhi’s iconic emcees and lyricists Raga and Harjas Harjaayi. The mixtape is slated to drop on November 22nd.

Reportedly, Harjas Harjaayi is featured on ‘Buxx Bunny’ – the second record of the mixtape – while Raga features on its sixth track titled ‘Paapi’. Besides the two rappers, the mixtape further features appearances by izer, Kanishq and Zinnd. Notably, the mixtape will include Rakht’s most recent single ‘Godmode’ – a track which became eponymous with the rapper’s ‘Godmode’ x ‘Godspeed’ social media campaign.

Check out the tracklist for ‘Goddystyle’ mixtape below.

Rakht had earlier revealed the artwork for ‘Goddystyle’ mixtape too. Check it out below.

With an astounding discography which is loud, self-reflective and captures Rakht’s ghetto street talk, Rakht has released some of the finest records in Indian hip-hop including ‘Aham’, ‘The Green Mixxtape’ and singles such as ‘God Mode’, ‘Amari’, ‘Gift’, ‘Gasoline’ and more.

Listen to Rakht’s debut ‘The Green Mixxtape’ here if you haven’t yet.