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Rap Superstars Feature in India’s Biggest Comedy Show

While MC Stan is consistently putting Indian rap scene on the map and reaching millions of homes through Reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’, Hip-Hop’s legendary emcees and lyricists have joined forces for a full-length feature on India’s biggest comedy show.

Reportedly, Badshah, Dino James, King, Ikka and Raftaar will feature on The Kapil Sharma Show. The show, which is going live on air on December 10th, will have India’s biggest comedy artist and actor Kapil Sharma in a conversation with the five rappers who have released some of the finest Hip-Hop releases in the past few weeks.

While Badshah, Dino James & Ikka collaborated for one of the biggest single this year ‘Woh’, King has been putting massive numbers on the board with his third studio album ‘Champagne Talk’. Kalamkaar’s bossman Raftaar released a surprise EP ”Hard Drive Volume 1′ on his birthday last month. The star-studded eight-track EP featured guest-appearances by Badshah on ‘RAASHAH’, Kr$na on ‘NO CHINA’, Karma on ’36’ and Sikander Kahlon on ‘F16’.

Notably, the five emcees aren’t new to TV appearances together. While Badshah, Dino James and King appeared on this year’s MTV Hustle Season Two, Ikka frequently visited the set to encourage and mentor the young competitors at the show. Raftaar himself served as the jury on MTV Hustle’s debut season and laid the foundation for an institution which has become highly crucial to Hip-Hop listeners across India.

Look out for Badshah, Dino James, King, Ikka & Raftaar making an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show this December 10th 2022.

Since you’re here, listen to these artists’ latest music if you haven’t yet.