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Shah Rule Drops the Self-Directed Visuals for ‘Captain Hook’

One of Gully Gang’s hip-hop trendsetters and often dripped out emcees Shah Rule has released the visuals for ‘Captain Hook’. After the record’s audio had released earlier at midnight today, the ‘Hooked’ rapper dropped the self-directed music video which, at first glance, feels like a rich statement. 

The visuals portray Rule’s never-ending confidence, sea-faced Bombay apartments, timeless pieces and ‘gold reserves’ ofcourse.


Entertainment News by Culturehaze
From Shah Rules ‘Captain Hook’ Music Video (November 8th 2022)

“Caviar for breakfast
Put pearls on my chicks necklace
My heart is an iceberg
Sink the fake friendships, yeah I am reckless
I sail the 7 seas, endlessly, making memories
Bumping “Gimme The Loot”, while taking treasuries
I am in a house of mirrors, I see my many enemies
You ain’t got the caliber as my challenger
Captain Hook, I am the damager” Shah Rule raps over a Zero Chill production. 

Watch Shah Rule’s ‘Captain Hook’ music video here if you haven’t yet.