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Shah Rule Slated to Return with ‘Captain Hook’

Gully Gang’s drip connoisseur Shah Rule is slated to return with ‘Captain Hook’. Releasing at mid-night, the ‘Clap Clap’ rapper has joined forces with Zero Chill for the latest single. The record will serve as the follow-up to Stunnah Beatz-produced single ‘Samjhe Na’ released earlier this year.

Hong Kong-born Shah Rule – real name Rahul Shahani – has emerged as one of the finest Indian rappers associated with Gully Gang and has delivered hard-hitting hits such as ‘Wallah’ alongside Divine, ‘Kaun Hai Tu’ f/ Rajakumari, ‘Nahi Hai Woh’ f/ Gully Gang’s MC Altaf and Raftaar, ‘Hooked’ f/ Meba Ofilia and Khara Sona, and ‘Hustle Hai’ f/ MC Heam. Rule is recognised in the Indian hip-hop scene for numerous top-notch bangers backed by groovy lyricism and catchy hooks & adlibs.

The highly anticipated ‘Captain Hook’ will be Rule’s fourth single this year. Check out the artwork below:

Captain Hook

Listen to Shah Rule’s finest records ahead of ‘Captain Hook’ here:

‘Wallah’ by Divine f/ Shah Rule

‘Kaun Hai Tu’ by Shah Rule f/ Rajakumari

‘Hooked’ by Shah Rule f/ Meba Ofilia and Khara Sona

‘Nahi Hai Woh’ by Shah Rule f/ MC Altaf and Raftaar

‘Me and My Pen’ by Raftaar f/ Shah Rule