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Sidhu Moosewala Leaves An Emotional Message For His Fans

Punjabi Hip-Hop’s global superstar the late Sidhu Moosewaala has left a heartfelt message for his fans. The ‘PBX1’ singer, who was the 5th most heard rapper in the whole world last year, Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on May 29th 2022.

“2022 was so painful for all of us and it would have been impossible to live through this tragedy without your love and support. Every one of you mourned his loss as if he was a family member. There are no words to thank you for your love for him, his music, his parents, and everything he left behind. You are indeed his Family. And as his family, all his wins are your wins. Everything he has achieved so far or will achieve in the coming future, he owes it to you. This year, we’ll continue to fight for justice and also try to accomplish what he dreamt of. He would want you guys to dream big. Please be kind, work hard and make your ambitions a reality, just like your brother Sidhu did. Make him proud.” Moosewala’s family – who manages the late rapper’s Instagram – wrote on the platform.

Sidhu Moosewala

Moosewala was and continues to be one of the biggest hip-hop artists to emerge from India and has worked with numerous artists for top-notch bangers. Providing a sound that’s affecting and deftly crafted, the emcee rose to global stardom with his music before he was shot dead in May.

Moosewala’s studio albums PBX1’ and the star-studded ‘Moosetape’ were two of the biggest-selling records in Indian hip-hop history. With a strong line-up of guest appearances from Divine, Tion Wayne, Stefflon Don, Rajakumari and more, as per many, Moosewala elevated the Indian hip-hop scene like no other.

Listen to Sidhu Moosewala’s influential rap record ‘Moosetape’ here if you haven’t yet.