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Sikander Kahlon Links Up with Kali Denali Music in Dubai

Sikander Kahlon has been stunting foreign cars – McLaren P1, Rolls Royce Phantom being just two of them – in Dubai. Earlier today, the Punjab-based rapper was spotted with J. Hind – A.k.a. Desi Hip-Hop King – amidst a home studio session. Hind is the CEO of Kali Denali Music.

News by Culturehaze
From Left to Right: Sikander Kahlon, Desi Hip-Hop King A.k.a. J. Hind, Miihier Singh and Sergi Constance

As per many, Kali Denali Music is the most iconic and successful record labels in Desi Hip-hop. Named after the black GMC Denali truck, the label has represented trendsetting emcees since its inceptions in early 2000s and is renowned for its close association with Bohemia. Since then, the label has worked with the late Sidhu Moosewala, L.A. based The Game, Haji Springer and Bohemia, of course.

Kahlon is one of the most consistent emcees and lyricists in the Indian hip-hop scene. With a wide-ranging discography which consists of top-notch bars, ghetto visuals and hard-hitting old-school and trap beats, Kahlon has made a solid name for himself and is well-respected. The Punjabi emcee has released 14 singles this year alone and has 7 studio albums to his name.

More details about Sikander Kahlon’s sessions with Kali Denali are awaited. However, given Kahlon’s ability for releasing music consistently and Kali Denali’s Desi Hip-Hop imprint, a collab seems highly likely.

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