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Stony Psyko Releases ‘Montana Freeverse’ Music Video

Stony Psyko has returned with a latest single. Titled ‘Montana Freeverse’, the single is produced by Captain Fuse. Psyko is the one-half of ‘Dopadelicz’ – the legendary rap crew from Dharavi, Mumbai formed in 2010 – alongside Dope Daddy. Together, ‘Dopadelicz’ have released some of the most influential underground hip-hop records including ‘Legalize It’, ‘D Rise’, ‘Wake Up’, ‘Kelu’ ‘Vishama’ and more.

Psyko – real name Tony Sebastian – is renowned in the Indian Hip-Hop scene for his solid lyricism in Hindi, English and Tamil.

The Dharavi-based rap crew were one of the early collaborators with Emiway Bantai. The two Hip-Hop acts had released the ‘Freeverse 2014’ which vividly portrayed their lives and the struggles that they have faced to be where they are right now.

Check out ‘Freeverse 2014’ by Dopadelicz X Emiway Bantai here if you haven’t yet.