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Sunny Malton Remembers Sidhu Moosewala on ‘Signs’

Brampton-based legendary Punjabi Hip-Hop emcee, songwriter and record producer Sunny Malton has released his latest single. Titled ‘Signs’, the rap record is released alongside Jyothi Tatter-directed visuals and clocks in at just over two minutes and a half. Malton remembers his frequent collaborator and friend the late Sidhu Moosewala on the hard-hitting track.

Notably, ‘Signs’ serve as the follow-up to Malton’s first single since Moosewala’s ill-fated gunning down by unidentified gangsters. Titled ‘Letter to Sidhu’, the track was released in November last year.

Watch the ‘Signs’ music video by Sunny Malton here via YouTube.

After his death, Malton had expressed immense sadness at the loss of his “brother” and stayed away from social media and public appearances until November last year.

“Nobody will ever understand how great of a person you were. I wish I could sit here and tell the world about the conversations me and you had & everything we had planned for the tour & your trip back to your homeland Brampton. This was your home bruh, we were all waiting for you to come. Everyday we were on the phone figuring out our next move. Everything is incomplete without you now.” Malton wrote on the day after Moosewala’s death.

Malton and Moosewala released their massive collaborative effort ‘Levels’ just four days ahead of the iconic ‘PBX1’ rapper’s death on May 29th 2022. In fact, the two artists have released several hard-hitting records together including ‘Never Fold’, ‘F*** ‘em All’, ‘Youngest in Charge’, ‘Chosen’ and ‘B-Town’. Malton was featured on all of these records.

Since you’re here, listen to the leading collaborative efforts by Sidhu Moosewala & Sunny Malton if you haven’t yet.