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Swadesi Movement’s MC Todfod to Release ‘YAM’ Posthumously

Swadesi Movement’s emcee and lyricist MC Todfod – who passed away earlier this year due to a pre-existing heart ailment – will release ‘YAM’ posthumously. Signed to Azadi Records, Todfod – real name Dharmesh Parmar – was one of the leading hip-hop artists in India known for his fearless lyricism and advocacy of Dalit & Adivasi rights through his music.

Earlier today, ‘Swadesi’ took to Instagram to share the announcement. “This one is a Straight up disrespect to wack, sell out rappers and even more disrespect to the monsters that lurk in the music industry disguising themselves as record labels, agencies, promoters etc. who prey on genuine talent by mesmerizing them with brand deals and temporary wealth as they stealthily devour a major part of the Artist’s money.” Swadesi captioned the post.

Check out the artwork for ‘YAM’ below:

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One third of the Dadar-based ‘Swadesi’, Todfod forever sought to address caste abuse, racial inequalities and economic hardships of the people around him through rap. The group was formed in 2013 and represented Mumbai’s pervasive poverty in its slums and neighbourhoods through their music.

‘YAM’ is slated to be released on November 10th and is the first single by Todfod since his passing. The release also marks the first release by Swadesi since ‘Salaam’. The track was released in November last year.

Listen to Swadesi & MC Todfod’s leading music if you haven’t yet here:

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