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T.ILL Apes Announces New Music ‘Whoa There Nelly’

Bengaluru-based consortium of musicians T.ILL Apes is gearing up for new music. The underground genre fluid act which includes India’s leading emcee Hanumankind, Amrith Raghunathan, Sange Wangchuk, Gautam David, Phillip John and more has announced that it will be releasing new music in February.

Titled ‘Whoa There Nelly’, T.ILL Apes is slated to release their latest project on February 28th. The group took to Instagram to share the exclusive artwork. Check it out here.

T.ILL Apes’ discography has been brief yet affecting. The act released their experimental Hip-Hop and neo-soul project ‘iLL Tapes Vol. 1’ in May last year and established their stature as one of the finest underground acts from Southern India. The mixtape succeeded the ‘Lift Off’ album released on May 15th 2020.

Be sure to check out ‘iLL Tapes Vol. 1’ & ‘Lift Off’ here if you haven’t yet.