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Talha Anjum & Talham Yunus Team Up on ‘On Me’

Karachi, Pakistan’s finest Hip-Hop emcees and record producers Talha Anjum, Talhah Yunus, JJ47 and Jokhay have teamed up for their latest effort. Titled ‘On Me’, the star-studded single clocks in at over four minutes and arrives within just a week after Young Stunners linked up on ‘Talk To Me’.

While Young Stunners stayed discreet and didn’t release much music last year, its members did drop a slew of hard-hitting records solo. However, Stunners seem to be back on the road and are consistently releasing new music this year.

JJ47 is one of the earliest Hip-Hop acts in Karachi, Pakistan. Last year, he teamed up with Young Stunners and Jokhay for another top-selling record. Titled ‘Baaz’, the track swiftly rose to be an affecting self-reflective single which further cemented his place in the South Asia Hip-Hop scene.

Listen to Jokhay-produced ‘On Me’ by JJ 47, Talhah Yunus, and Talha Anjum here.