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Talwiinder Releases New Single f/ Hasan Raheem & NDS

California-based Punjabi emcee and lyricist Talwiinder has joined hands with Pakistan’s leading pop singer Hasan Raheem & NDS. Titled ‘Bach Ke’, the single serves as the follow-up to the Punjabi singer’s recent track ‘Someone Like Me’.

The single has been released along with an animated video which resembles a dystopian city. The cyberpunk videogame-inspired video showcases the animated doppelgangers of the three artists looking for a woman in a city mired by surveillance.

Watch the ‘Bach Ke’ music video by Talwiinder f/ Hasan Raheem & NDS here.

Talwiinder, who has seemingly taken some time off music and is currently in Tokyo, Japan, started releasing music 4 years ago in 2018. From there on, the lyricist’s music has grown multi-folds. The 27-year-old singer has introduced a whole other vibe to Punjabi music with R&B-influenced choppy flows. Apart from a wide discography of solo singles such as ‘Your Eyes’, ‘Nasha’, ‘Tera Saath’ and ‘Gaah’, Talwiinder collaborated with Yashraj for ‘Dhundhla’ which went on to become the top-selling record for both artists this year.

Talwiinder is recognised for sporting paint on his face. While for some it may resemble the villainous ‘Joker’ from The Batman, for others, he resembles Playboi Carti who often performs his live sets with similar appearances.

Listen to ‘Bach Ke’ via Spotify below if you haven’t yet.