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Tegi Pannu Announces ‘Disturbing the Peace’ EP

Los Angeles, California-based Punjabi emcee and lyricist Tegi Pannu has announced the release of his new EP ‘Disturbing the Peace’. The project will feature guest appearances by AR Paisley and JJ Esko and consists of six new records by Pannu namely ‘One Question’, ‘Mood Swings’, ‘Shot Caller’, ‘Visions’, ‘Hold You Down’, ‘Low Key’ and ‘Ceilings’.

Check out the artwork for ‘Disturbing the Peace’ by Tegi Pannu below:

Parental Advisory

The L.A. rapper rose to prominence with ‘Into You’ and has delivered some of the finest sounds in Punjabi hip-hop such as ‘Shinin’ and ‘Roll Deep’ featuring Manni Sandhu, ‘Fully Loaded (Majha Background), ‘Schedule’ and ‘Untouchable’.

Pannu is yet to announce the release date for ‘Disturbing the Peace’ EP. Notably, the EP doesn’t feature a guest appearance by his longtime collaborator Manni Sandhu. Pannu has worked majorly with Sandhu throughout his discography. Nevertheless, the EP is highly anticipated by Punjabi Hip-Hop listeners. The ‘Fully Loaded (Majha Background)’ rapper is known for top-notch bars and lavish music videos portraying the avant-garde status of Punjabi hip-hop music.

Listen to some of the finest records by Tegi Pannu here if you haven’t yet.

‘FULLY LOADED (MAJHA BACKGROUND) by Tegi Pannu & Manni Sandhu

‘ROLL DEEP’ by Tegi Pannu & Manni Sandhu

‘Schedule’ by Tegi Pannu & Manni Sandhu

‘Shinin’ by Tegi Pannu & Manni Sandhu